Welcome to my blog! I have been sitting on this for some time, but never bit the bullet and got round to setting it up.

In general, I am just a normal girl – I work in a communications agency as a writer and editor; I like to exercise and stay fit; I like to watch Netflix, hang out with my friends; I like to cook and bake; I love to go to gigs; I love to travel and explore. The only thing is, I have chronic pain.

What will I talk about?

Anything really. This blog was launched to help me discuss my experiences with pain, but I will also discuss my personal experiences in general, my interests, my politics, anything. It’s a new, fun way to express myself!

What happened?

I’m not sure what happened really. As a kid, I grew very fast and stopped growing at about 11. At one point, I injured my neck but I am not sure that did anything specific. It just sort of developed over time.

It gets worse when I am tired, stressed, sat or stood for too long, or have had alcohol. But, in fact I am in 24/7 pain and it has slowly worsened over the years. I have spent at least 10 years trying to find a diagnosis, I had MRIs, ‘infiltration’ (like an epidural), painkillers, massage, physiotherapy and more. The only thing that has slightly improved my situation is massage, so we think the pain is muscular.

Right now, my pain is worse than ever but I am determined to keep going as much as I can. This blog will serve as a way for me to express my thoughts on the situation, chronicle my treatments and try to offer respite for other who may be in a similar scenario to me.

Why ‘chronically plain’?

I was trying to explain my idea to a friend and accidentally said the word ‘plain’ instead of ‘pain’. She thought it was an alright idea for a blog and it stuck – this way I am not too in your face with the title, can branch into other topics (my interests, other goings on etc.) and really emphasise that I am just a normal person who happens to live with pain.

So take a look around, have a read, drop me a message or an email on becky@chronicallyplain.com if you fancy and enjoy!